Day: January 12, 2016

Shop for high quality,unique and affordable clothesShop for high quality,unique and affordable clothes

tiesThe struggle for getting well fitting, trendy, high quality and affordable clothes is real more so for tall men.

Most boutiques, shops and online stores stock clothes that can comfortably fit the average or medium height man since such clothes are considered fast moving.

Tall men mostly 6 feet and over mostly find themselves in a dilemma in that they are too tall for the normal L size yet the XL size is too wide.

They are thus forced to dig dipper into their pockets to get customized wear or make some adjustments to the existing ones.

It is this struggle that inspired the invention and launch of Plus 2 Clothing, an Australian online store dedicated to meeting the needs of providing mens tall tees to this specific customer base. Quality material, latest cool designs, right fit and highly affordable pricing are some of the factors that has made Plus 2 Clothing one of the most popular and fastest growing stores in the region.

The tall tees come in all shapes and trends including drop tail, short sleeves, Sparking Ale, Tie dye among others all this at affordable prices with some going for as low as 20 Australian dollars.

All the tall tees are Australian made and are made using the high quality cotton material. Other than ensuring that the t-shirt and tall tees last long, the cotton material ensures that they don’t shrink when put in the washing machine. The t-shirts and tall tees are tested using a team of basket balers, snow boarders or skate boarders to ensure that they meet the promise which is to offer long lasting clothes.

The founders of Plus 2 Clothing are two men who seek to offer more than clothing to their customers. With massive experience in the fashion industry, and a firsthand experience on the challenges that tall men go through, Steve and Josh teamed up to create a label that combines perfect fit, trendy fashion, unique style and affordability. This is why it’s hard to find these designs elsewhere.

Their interest in Australian sports, art and fashion let to creation of unique styles ideal for artists, local balers or anyone else who is looking to stand out from the crowd.

Being an online store, shipping is one more reason that makes Plus 2 Clothing stand out. They offer fast, reliable and affordable shipping not only within Australian market but globally. The price quoted on all mens tall tees are inclusive of shipping costs and other applicable import duties. The shipping schedule operates on express services with fixed delivery date indicated on all products. In case of delays, customers are notified well in advance to prevent any inconvenience.…