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There are two types of monitors based on how one intends to use it, that is; monitors used for gaming and monitors used for working. 144 Hz monitor is best for working because it is so fast. It redraws pictures at a speed of 144 Hz per second. The lifespan of a good monitor is ten years and even more.Monitors are the best to use compared to GPU. Based on this fact i would conclude and say that a good monitor is an investment.When purchasing for a monitor, one should look for the following characteristics;

Refreshing rate responding time to view angles good monitor costs a lot but in the long run, you will see it is worth it.

The following are 14.144 Hz monitors which are top models.

Asus ROG Swift PG279Q

This monitor offers a 27 IPS panel; its refreshing rate is incredible, 165 Hz. It comes with HDMI and Displays Port inputs which are equipped with it. It has two USB ports and one upstream port. Its refreshing rate eliminates screen tearing which makes it the best for game players.

Ben XL2420G

This monitor is the best gaming monitor for those who game as a profession. It is pocket-friendly. It has a speed of 144 Hz on 1920 by 1080 frame.


Asus PG 348Q

It is cheap, to begin with. The screen size is 34 inches. It has a screen resolution of 3440 by 1440 pixel. It has 3 USB ports and comes with a headphone port, ROG light system, and NVIDIA G-Sync. Its refreshing rate is 60 Hz and has a range of 30-100 Hz.

Asus VG248QE

This monitor is cheap compared to the features it has. First, it’s speed of 144 Hz with a screen size of up to 27 inches. It has a TN panel and also speakers. The TN panel gives it a good viewing angle. It’s refreshing rate as made by NVIDIA and AMD are G-Sync and Free Sync which help get rid of screen tearing. This screen is made for gamers.

Acer Predator XB271HU

This monitor is one among the very best monitors you can ever find in the market. It has all the features that a good monitor requires except a curvature. It has an IPS panel, a speed of 144 Hz and G-Sync which helps prevents its screen from tearing. A 1440 Resolution, two by 2w speakers and 3 USB ports plus one display port. It has a VESA compatibility and to top it all of its ULMB technology. All these features make it have beautiful viewing angles, good lighting, and the best colors not to mention it’s high speed of 165 Hz, since one can push up to 165 Hz although it is not guaranteed by the manufacturers.

AOC G2460 PF

pilot This monitor is affordable.It has a speed of 144 Hz, and it’s usually 24 inches. It has 4 USB ports, display port input together with VGA input and 1 ms GTG response time. It has nice colors and refreshing rate of Free sync. This monitor is not only good for gaming but also for reading and doing research. It’s Freesync ranges from 35-144 Hz. It has a resolution of 1080 which means you will get pixels for your every inch of the 24 inches screen.…

Gaming of the futureGaming of the future

best multiplayer android games

Any gamer who knows what he/she is talking about can tell you that gaming over the past 20 years has come a long way especially if you look at the newest multiplayer games. If you compare games of today with those back in the day it’s very easily seen that there has been much improvement and more. It’s like comparing the best multiplayer game back then (Tetris) to Halo or Call of duty. In comparison it leaves little to imagination because the difference is astronomical.

Games overall have come a long way since then. If you look at how much the gaming industry have changed, it has in fact evolved in every way possible. From the stories, to the awesome graphics to the user interface and interaction to the gaming stations being used like Playstation and Xbox and even computers .Sony Playstation made more than 1 billion dollars in 2014 which shows you how much interest there are in playing games.game

Multiplayer games are becoming more and more popular due to gamers wanting to play against each other. Here follows some of 2015 newest multiplayer games and details:

HALO 5 Guardians is one of the most anticipated first person shooter games of 2015.Its part of the Halo franchise and is developed by Microsoft and its gaming platform is Xbox.

Battlefield Hardline also a highly anticipated first person shooting game designed by Visceral Games scheduled to release in March this year. It can also be played on any gaming platform.

Mortal Combat X is a fighting game currently in development by nether realm studios. It’s the tenth game of the mortal combat series. It guarantees hours of fun between players. Scheduled release date is April 14th and can be played on any gaming platform.

Warhammer 40 000 is a massive online multiplayer third person shooter video game that can be played only on PC’s. It’s initial release date is 2015.

And much, much more.

Let’s take the call of duty franchise which is the most successful first person shooting game in the world. The second last game of the franchise sold almost 200 000 000 copies putting it in the Guiness book of records as the bestselling first person shooting game in the world. Call of duty Advanced Warfare their newest multiplayer game is considered to be one of the best first person shooting games with actors like Kevin Spacey playing in it. There are also competitions of the best call of duty player with prize money of over 1 million dollars. With that being said and the newest multiplayer games looking very promising who wouldn’t want to be a gamer?…