Steps In Asbestos Removal Process

Removing asbestos is a regulated process as different codes and statutes evidence it, that lay down ways of removing it from the site. It does not matter whether the site is large or small, the laws governing asbestos removal must be adhered to. These laws are necessary because the material is highly toxic when disturbed.

It is known to cause mesothelioma, which is a form of cancer that attacks the abdomen and lungs. You can get a free quote on asbestos removal. As you know, roofs pose dangers both to the external environment and to the premises.



This is a process that involves assessing the roof andasbestos removal process site. It also involves analyzing the material. This is a useful process as it establishes whether asbestos contains cement, which makes the roof non-friable or friable. The friable asbestos chips near invisible dust particles, which are suspended in the air. When you inhale such fibers, you aggravate mesothelioma. Asbestos becomes lethal when swallowed or inhaled.

There is a high chance of getting material containing asbestos on the roof. Experts will look at the gutter of your roof and check any debris that settles and collects in it. Houses that were built before 1980 are likely to have some traces of asbestos. Therefore, you need to hire licensed removalist to carry out the assessment.

After inspection, samples collected are taken to the lab for further analysis. You will get a detailed report of the procedures and results. Possible tasks and associated risks need to be carried out. The report is given to the homeowner before removal starts.

Removal Process

It is workers who carry out the actual process. They must be wearing protective gear and carry stable air supply. The area must be enclosed with a plastic sheet and a notice placed at a strategic place rooffor all to see. The roof of your house will be demolished in a manner that least agitates the structure. This means that there are no drills done. The section will cut the roof section. The area is then wet to clump the loose particles together.


This is the last step. All material from the roof needs to be accurately labeled and disposed of designated areas. Usually, there are areas set up for asbestos disposal. These materials should not be left on the premises or disposed of in areas that are not set by the local authorities.

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